Freitag, 27. November 2020

Rematch Backup

__ Allgemein __

00 Vorlage::ZL:21151IV:11131K0:P:800::::::
Alles leer::ZU:ZU:ZU:
Fangen 2::11151DB:112C3K:211A7J:
Leveln 1::ZL:111A9V:112A1H5:
Leveln 2::ZL:1113QD:111AQD:
Nuke Team::122814D:2226G2:112C3K:
PvP 1::22181H6:2219G7:111B1EN:
PvP 2::22142OQ:22142OQ:22181H6:
PvP 3::22181H6:111819J:21071C8:
PvP 4::12141AK:212A211:222419A:
PvP 5::2223170:122516D:22181H6:

__ Shadowlands __

Airborne Defense Force:59A1:11242GK:11271IP:122414D:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRunde 1: Verblassen\nYour Fragment des Zorns is brought in\nRunde 1: Geisterfeuerstrahl\nRunde 2: Geisterstacheln\nRunde 3: Geisterfeuerblitz\nRunde 4: Geisterfeuerblitz or you're slept\nRunde 5: Geisterfeuerstrahl or Pass if slept\nRunde 6: Geisterfeuerstrahl if you couldn't, or Geisterfeuerblitz\nNeedlenose comes in\nRunde 1+: Geisterfeuerblitz bis Fragment des Zorns stirbt\nAktiviere Verlorener Geist\nRunde 1+: Geisterfeuerstrahl & Geisterfeuerblitz until Verlorener Geist dies\nAktiviere Nexuswelpling\nRunde 1: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 2-4: Manawoge\n
Ardenweald's Tricksters:59A5:12272KT:ZR0:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nThis strategy was created in the Beta; it might need changes once Shadowlands goes live.\n\n\nRunde 1: Alarm!\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Ionenkanone\n
Ashes Will Fall:597N:021316M:202815R:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nThis strategy was created in the Beta; it might need changes once Shadowlands goes live.\n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Knöchelreißer der Zandalari\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2-3: Jagdrudel\n
Cliffs of Bastion:592B:022CAJ:111C3K:0126140:N:Strategy added by Lazey\n(9-10 rounds)\n\n*** Created on Beta, so maybe not final  ***\n\nRunde 1: Lockvogel\nRunde 2: Explodieren\nAktiviere Ruhiger mechanischer Yeti\nRunde 1: Aufladen\nRunde 2: Blitzschlag herbeirufen (Shelby dies, Tinyhoof comes in)\nRunde 3+: Metallfaust (until Tinyhoof is dead)\nSwap to your Chrominius\nRunde 1: Heulen\nRunde 2: Kraftsog\n
Extra Pieces:596F:00181TG:02252IO:22272KT:N:Strategy added by Lazey\n*** Created on Beta, so maybe not final  ***\n\nIf you like the risk, you can do this without the Haunt pet to save 1 round. It&#039;s only there to make sure any Skitterling will survive long enough to apply Unknown Ability (ID: 918) and Unknown Ability (ID: 542) to the second enemy pet.\n\nKeep in mind that without the Haunt usually you&#039;ll need to Pass the Undead extra round of the first enemy pet. (I will put that into the script, but not the steps)\n\n(12 rounds)\n\nRunde 1: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Zitterstachelhuscher\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2-4: Schwarm (Unknown Pet (ID: 173264) - Spine dies)\nUnknown Pet (ID: 173265) - Arm comes in\nRunde 5: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 6: Schwarm (Zitterstachelhuscher dies)\nAktiviere Mikrobot XD\nRunde 1-2: 2x Erfassen\n(enemy will use Leichenexplosion <30.5% Health / <719HP or in Undead extra round)\nRunde 3: Aufladen\nLast enemy pet comes in\nRunde 4: Ionenkanone\nRunde 5: Unknown Pet (ID: 173266) - Eye dies while Mikrobot XD recharges\n
Eyegor's Special Friends:598C:2224227:21181FS:20171A7:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\n\n\n\nRunde 1: Teufelsfeuerbrand\nRunde 2: Flügelstoß\nSpindler comes in\nRunde 1: Wilde Magie\nRunde 2+: Teufelsfeuerbrand bis Teufelsverdorbene Himmelsflosse stirbt\nAktiviere Ikky\nRunde 1+: Stacheln until Spindler dies\nBoneclaw comes in\nRunde 1+: Stacheln until Boneclaw dies\nRocko comes in\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+3: Schar\nAktiviere Makabre Marionette\nRunde 1-3: Dead Man's Party\nRunde 4+: Knochenbiss until Rocko dies\n
Failed Experiment:596Q:11271BB:11281BB:00151TC:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRight now Gorgemouth&#039;s Spiked Skin isn&#039;t doing any damage when it takes a direct hit, so I can only go based on what the tooltip says it&#039;ll hit for. \n\nSometimes you&#039;ll need pet #3 just for the Undead round pass, sometimes you&#039;ll need to finish Gorgemouth off. Anything with Drain Blood will be fine in slot #3. I chose Drain Blood because it&#039;s an enemy hp % based attack, and will always deal 348 damage, which should be enough to finish Gorgemouth off no matter what breeds of Iron Starlette you use.\n\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Kraftkugel\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\nRunde 4: Explodieren (Exploding here helps to keep Gorgemouth from using their Feed and healing)\nAktiviere Eisernes Sternchen\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Kraftkugel\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\nThen:\nPriority 1: Do you have enough hp to take damage from Spiked Skin (53) without going into your Mech Rez round? \n~~: Kraftkugel > Explodieren\nPriority 2: Not enough hp to take damage from Spiked Skin (53) without going into your Mech Rez round?\n~~: Explodieren\n\nAktiviere Siedeblut\nPriority 1: Undead round: Pass\nPriority 2: Blut abzapfen\n
Lurking In The Shadows:59A0:12171BB:ZRA:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\nRunde 4+: Toxischer Rauch\nIf needed:\nBring in your Mechanical pet\nRunde 1: Any standard attack will finish the fight\n
Mega Bite:592D:21181FS:00281HT:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Lazey\n2020-Oct-15 Jawbone finally available for testing, but right now a joke. I guess they did forget to add the passive they created for this fight We&#039;ll see if it&#039;ll be added later and what it does for the diffculty.\n\n*** Created on Beta so maybe not final ***\n\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2-4: Schar\n(If needed, bring your backup pet and use Raubtierschlag)\n
Micro Defense Force:592A:22241A5:ZL:21133O:N:Strategy added by Lazey\nWinter is coming...\n\nUsually Mieser kleiner Helfer will solo all enemies and is killed by Unknown Pet (ID: 173204)&#039;s Explodieren so pets in the other slots share XP (I prefer having a backup pet, but you could go for two level pets if you feel safe).\n\nKeep in mind that Pounder is using Unknown Ability (ID: 2235). So Explode has a chance to miss, your Helper would survive and your level pet(s) won&#039;t get XP.\n\n(~12 rounds)\n\n*** Created on Beta, so maybe not final  ***\n&lt;570 HP is more like &lt;25.5% Health, but Blizzard rounding numbers... ;-)\n\nNote::  If Mieser kleiner Helfer dies, bring your Level Pet. Then immediately swap your second Helper!\n\nRunde 1: Eisgrab\nRunde 2: Schneesturm herbeirufen\nRunde 3+: Eislanze (until Unknown Pet (ID: 173204) has <25% Health (<570 HP)\n\nYour active pet has 894 Health or less?\nYES ->: Pass (if Explodieren doesn't miss, both active pets die and Level Pets gain XP)\nNO ->: Eislanze until you win the fight\n
Mighty Minions of Maldraxxus:5969:121316I:12272KT:122814D:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nThere may be a power/health requirement on Lesser Voidcaller. Let me know how your breed fared. \n\nMight try a Voidwiggler in slot #1 instead to see if Phase Shift works out better than Prismatic Barrier.\n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Prismatische Barriere\nRunde 3: Passe\nRunde 4+: Schattenschock until Bloog dies\nBone Crusher comes in\nRunde 1+: Schattenschock\nAktiviere Mikrobot XD\nRunde 1: Aufladen\nRunde 2: Ionenkanone\nChipper comes in\nRunde 1: Recover\nRunde 2: Recover\nRunde 3: Wechsle zu Nexuswelpling\nRunde 4: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 5-7: Manawoge\nIf your Mikrobot XD is swapped in:\nRunde 1: Alarm!\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Ionenkanone\n
Natural Defenders:599S:11141A5:10281DA:122414D:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\n**NOTE** This strat was made during Beta, and may need changes once Shadowlands goes live.\n\nRunde 1: Greench's Gift\nRunde 2: Verminte Geschenke\nRunde 3+: Knüppel until Slugger dies\nRunehoof comes in\nRunde 1+: Knüppel bis Mieser kleiner Helfer stirbt\nAktiviere Mikroverteidiger der Draenei\nRunde 1: Ionenkanone\nDuster comes in\nRunde 1: Recover\nRunde 2: Recover\nRunde 3+: Metallfaust bis Mikroverteidiger der Draenei stirbt\nAktiviere Nexuswelpling\nRunde 1: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 2-4: Manawoge\nRunde 5: Arkaner Sturm\n
Resilient Survivors:5983:1219R4:122414D:2025EQ:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRunde 1: Strudel\nRunde 2-3: Tauchen\nRunde 4+: Wasserjet until Ash dies\nFang comes in\nRunde 1: Strudel\nRunde 2+: Wasserjet bis Pandarischer Wassergeist stirbt\nAktiviere Nexuswelpling\nRunde 1: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 2-4: Manawoge\nSwarm comes in\nRunde 1+: Manawoge may continue\n~~: Arkaner Sturm & Schwanzfeger until Swarm or Nexus Whelp dies\nIf needed:\nAktiviere Gepardenjunges\nPriority 1: Anspringen if it will kill Swarm\nPriority 2: Schleichen if blind has 2-4 rounds on CD or the round after you've been Blinded\nPriority 3: Anspringen\n
The Mind Games of Addius:598J:022CAJ:12171BB:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRunde 1: Lockvogel\nRunde 2: Explodieren\nAktiviere Eisernes Sternchen\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\nRunde 4+: Toxischer Rauch\n
Thenia's Loyal Companions:5929:02281GV:022414D:02272KT:N:Strategy added by Lazey\nIf you&#039;re eager to save 1 round, you could start with Seelenrausch directly. This way you can use any Soulrush pet with &gt;300 Power with the risk that your pet is put to sleep and you&#039;ll have to Pass &amp; Soulrush again. But when the Sleep happens, you could also restart the fight without healing, your Soulrush pet has only one job...trigger the forced pet swap with one big hit.\n\n(Script and steps will include Ätherisch of a Schildwachengefährte to avoid the Sleep, but the script should react properly if you manually used Soulrush first round)\n\n(10-11 rounds)\n\n*** Created on Beta, so maybe not final  ***\n\nRunde 1: Ätherisch\nRunde 2: Seelenrausch\nRunde 3: If Seelenrausch stunned the enemy, swap your Dragonkin, otherwise Pass (forced pet swap)\nRunde 4: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 5-7: Manawoge (at least one enemy pet will die, maybe two)\n(Runde 8): (Arkaner Sturm / Seelenrausch to kill the second pet if needed)\nBring in your Mech\nRunde 1: Aufladen\nRunde 1: Ionenkanone\n
Uncomfortably Undercover:596J:121414Q:10171BB:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Propagate\nNote: strategy was made during beta so may need tuning after expansion releases.\n\nRunde 1: Blitzschlag herbeirufen\nRunde 2-3: Außer Kontrolle\nRunde 4: Pass | Whirly dies.\nStinkdust comes in\nRunde 1+: Laser until Stinkdust dies\nTrailblazer comes in\nRunde 1-2: Außer Kontrolle | Sunreaver Micro-Sentry dies\nAktiviere Eisernes Sternchen\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\n

__ BfA __

Abtrünniges Azerit:49GD:112C1MR:11291MQ:11281MP:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nIt&#039;s a smack of Jellyfish!\n\nRunde 1: Regentanz\nRunde 2: Quetschen\nRunde 3+: Tentakelschlag bis Azeritschleim stirbt\nAzeritgeode betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1+: Tentakelschlag bis Pummeliger Glibber stirbt\nAktiviere Kanalrohrglibber\nRunde 1+: Tentakelschlag bis Azeritgeode stirbt\nAzeritelementar betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Regentanz\nRunde 2: Quetschen\nRunde 3+: Tentakelschlag bis Kanalrohrglibber stirbt\nAktiviere Ödwasserqualle\nRunde 1: Tentakelschlag\nRunde 2: Regentanz\nRunde 3: Quetschen\n
Automatisiertes Chaos:490R:11233L:212620U:212620U:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nPriority 1: Schneesturm herbeirufen on CD\nPriority 2: Tieffrieren on CD\nPriority 3: Schneeball all else\nPriority 4: Standby when the "Repariertes" ferngesteuertes Raketenhuhn comes in\nIf needed, bring in next pet to finish the fight. \n
Blotto:4UL2:021616M:2015198:1225QC:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\n*** Shadowbarb Hatchling Quest ***\n\nReplace MPD with the Shadowbarb &amp; use Shadow Talon\n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Klein Bling\nRunde 1-3: Inflation\nRunde 4: Goldregen\nRunde 5+: Inflation\n\nIf needed: \nAktiviere Mechanischer Pandarendrachling\nRunde 1+: Atem\n
Brutälteste von Nalaada:4N93:01181FS:11141TO:ZR3:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\n8.2 PTR Strat\n\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+: Schar\nAktiviere Scharfkrallenjunges\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 2+3: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 4: Wilde Winde\n
Das gefangene Böse:49NM:122CAJ:21251F7:ZL:P:450::::1::N:Strategy added by Firecrest\nStrat by roeevv on wowhead (\n\nLevel pets are not particularly useful since the XP nerf.  So if you put any half decent pet into the leveling slot, it&#039;s a guaranteed win.\n\nRunde 1: Rakete\nRunde 2: Lockvogel\n\nSwap to your Liebesvogelküken\n\nRunde 1: Liebestoll.\nNiederer entstellter Strom will come in next round.\nRunde 2: Alphastoß\nRunde 3: Alphastoß\nRunde 4: Alphastoß.\nNiederer entstellter Strom dies.  Niederer geladener Orkan enters.\n\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 2+: Alphastoß bis Niederer geladener Orkan stirbt.\nGeistverzerrer enters.\n\nRunde 1: Liebestoll\nRunde 2: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 3+: Alphastoß bis Liebesvogelküken stirbt.\nAktiviere Dunkelmond-Zeppelin\n\nRunde 1: Lockvogel\nRunde 2: Rakete until Geistverzerrer is below 540 HP.\nRunde 3: Explodieren\n\nDunkelmond-Zeppelin and Geistverzerrer both die.  Level pet comes in and gets XP.\n\n
Desert Survivors:4AN6:222814A:102616H:ZRA:N:Strategy added by Jagûar\nStrategy overhaul so now it&#039;s shorter than it was before.\n\nTested and passed January 28th 2019\n\nRunde 1: Aufladen\nRunde 2-4: Anspringen - Käfi stirbt\nPurzel betritt den Kampf\nRunde 5: Anspringen\nRunde 6: Aufladen - Fluxfeuerkätzchen dies and resurrects\nRunde 7: Anspringen - Purzel stirbt\nSkorpo betritt den Kampf\nRunde 8+9: Anspringen - Fluxfeuerkätzchen stirbt\nAktiviere Westentaschenhäscher\nRunde 10: Aufladen\nT. 11+: Metallfaust\nSkorpo dies\n
Die Sammlung erweitern:4AP2:11141BB:122414D:122814D:N:Strategy added by Phacoid\nUpdate 14 dec &#039;18: it is no longer worth using a leveling pet as Blizzard has nerfed all BFA xp gains with patch 8.1.\n\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Aufziehen; Eighty Eight dies\nRunde 4: Kraftkugel to increase your speed\nRunde 5: Aufziehen\nRunde 6: Aufladen\nRunde 7: Aufziehen; Turbo dies\nRunde 8: Pass; Iron Starlette dies\nRunde 9: Bring in your level pet\nRunde 10: Aktiviere Junger Grimmlingflitzer\nRunde 11: Mondfeuer; sandstorm disappears, it doesn't hit Whiplash\nRunde 12: Arkanschlag to finish Whiplash off. Use Mondfeuer when Whiplash casts Sandstorm.\n
Dietmar Steensen:495D:ZL:112C3K:2115198:
Ein ziemlich großer Kadaver:49VC:12171TN:12151TM:1113QD:N:Strategy added by Eekwibble\nI changed this from having a carry pet because the xp is so lame since the nerf. The upside is, it now only lasts 13 rounds.\n\nRunde 1: Eisenhaut\nRunde 2&3: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 4: Raubtierschlag - Pilz dies\nMurray betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Passe\nRunde 2: Eisenhaut\nRunde 3&4: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 5: Raubtierschlag - Murray dies\nDer alte Blauzang betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1+: Falkosaurierschwarm! bis Düsterschnabeljunges stirbt\nAktiviere Schneefederjunges\nDann:: Raubtierschlag - Der alte Blauzang dies\n
Einheit 17:4N9H:212815R:221514S:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nFor both Zandalari:\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+3: Jagdrudel\nRunde 4: Sprung\n
Einheit 35:4N9F:121616M:222AJJ:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Infiziertes Eichhörnchen\nRunde 1: Schleichender Pilz\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5: Leichenexplosion\nIf you couldn't Leichenexplosion :\nAktiviere Ungeborene Val'kyr\nRunde 1+: Schattenschlag until Unit 35 dies\n
Einheit 6:4N9G:021616M:222AJJ:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\n8.2 PTR Strat\n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Infiziertes Eichhörnchen\nRunde 1: Schleichender Pilz\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5: Leichenexplosion\n
Fleißaufgabe:49IG:222414F:ZR0:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Runisco\nPrio 1: Emerald Presence up. Use when 1 turn left\nPrio 2: Emerald Dream when health < 700\nPrio 3: Standby. There is no point in attacking, the bees stinging is cooldown based\nAs soon as one bee uses sting and dies, the others will. Your whelp should survive all 3.\n
Gar nicht so übel hier unten:49OL:11171BB:11181FS:2115198:N:Strategy added by GenDG\nOf all the strategies, it was the only one that worked for me the first time.\n\nThanks for reading me!\n\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\nHäppchen dies.\nBruce betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Wechsle zu Ikky\nRunde 2: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 3: Schar\nRunde 4: Pass (stun).\nRunde 5: Schar\nBruce dies.\nDer weiße Winzling betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Schar\nRunde 2: Wechsle zu Klein Bling\nRunde 3: Goldregen\nRunde 4+: Inflation\n
Gedankenknechter:4N95:2219G7:1225QC:1225QC:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Verbrannte Erde\nRunde 2: Flammenatem\nRunde 3: Passe\nRunde 4: Passe\nRunde 5: Passe\nRunde 6: Flammenatem\nRepeat Turns 1-6 until Mindshackle dies\n\nWenn needed:: Bring in a Dragonkin pet to clean up\n
Geflüster:4UKT:21181FS:2015198:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Lazey\nRunde 1: Stacheln\nRunde 2: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 3: Schar (Ikky dies)\nAktiviere Klein Bling\nRunde 4: Goldregen\nRunde 5+: Inflation\n
Gefräßige Schattenbrut:4N94:12171TN:11141TO:ZR3:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\n8.2 PTR Strat\n\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 2: Eisenhaut\nRunde 3+: Falkosaurierschwarm! until dead\nAktiviere Scharfkrallenjunges\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 2: Wilde Winde\nRunde 3+: Falkosaurierschwarm!\n\nIf needed:\nBring in your Flying pet\nAny standard Flying attack will finish the fight\n
Gnomfrühstücker:4N9A:121616M:222568:222568:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\n8.2 PTR Strat\n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Hase\nRunde 1: Ausweichen\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5+: Schlaghagel
Goldbot XD:4N9C:021616M:01181FS:1015QC:N:Strategy added by sgot\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Ikky\nRunde 3: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 4,5,6: Schar. Your pet Ikky Dies\nAktiviere Mechanischer Pandarendrachling\nRunde 7: Atem\nRunde 8: Explodieren\n
Happs:4N8V:021616M:2015198:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Klein Bling\nRunde 1: Passe\nRunde 2: Goldregen\nRunde 3+: Inflation\n
Jungtier der Vil'thik:4UL7:121616M:220AJJ:100620U:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\n**Shadowbarb Hatchling Quest**\n\nReplace Magic Pet with the Shadowbarb Hatchling, and use Shadow Talon\n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Infiziertes Eichhörnchen\nRunde 1: Schleichender Pilz\nRunde 2+: Stampede bis Infiziertes Eichhörnchen stirbt\nAktiviere Klitzetron\nRunde 1+2: Arkanschlag\n
K'tierchen der Verrückte:4UL4:221616M:20171A7:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\n*** Shadowbarb Hatchling Quest ***\n\nPut your Shadowbarb in slot #3\n\nRunde 1: Schattenschock\nRunde 2: Passe\nRunde 3: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 4: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Makabre Marionette\nRunde 1-3: Totentanz\nRunde 4: Knochenbiss\n
Kapitän Hermes:4871:1113QD:ZL:111AQD:P:500::::::
Keeyos Champions von Vol'dun:4AHN:22152N:11181BB:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Phacoid\nA new strategy which no longer deploys a leveling pet since the 8.1 XP nerf. Made this to not have a useless swap in the middle of the fight.\n\nRunde 1: Mondfeuer\nRunde 2+: Arkanschlag until Buzzbeak dies\nTikka betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Lebensaustausch\nRunde 2+: Arkanschlag bis Junger Grimmlingflitzer stirbt\nAktiviere Eisernes Sternchen\nRunde 1+: Kraftkugel bis Tikka stirbt\nMilo betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\nRunde 4+: Kraftkugel bis Milo stirbt\n
Klein angefangen:4ASQ:11141BB:122414D:00171TN:N:Strategy added by Zandr#11999\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3 : Aufziehen – enemy Schuppi dies\nZackschnabel betritt den Kampf\nRunde 4-5: Aufziehen x2 (skip to Nexuswelpling if stunned)\nRunde 6: Pass – your Eisernes Sternchen dies\nAktiviere Nexuswelpling\nRunde 7: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 8-10: Manawoge – enemy Zackschnabel dies, Fröschi comes in\nRunde 11+: A Schwanzfeger should suffice. Should your Nexuswelpling die (i.e. either of your pets was incapacitated), use Raubtierschlag on your Düsterschnabeljunges.\n
Kleintiere sind Freunde, kein Fressen!:4AOG:112CAJ:122814D:122414D:N:Strategy added by Lazey\nKaraga:4AOG:112CAJ:ZL:122414D:\n\nRunde 1: Bomberangriff\nRunde 2: Rakete\nRunde 3: Rakete\nRunde 4: Lockvogel\nRunde 5: Bomberangriff when Muffel has 219HP or less, otherwise Rakete.\nMuffel dies. Brummer comes in.\nRunde 6: Rakete. Dunkelmond-Zeppelin dies. Bring in your Level Pet\nSwap to your Nexuswelpling\nvs. Brummer and Skieto\nPrio 1: Arkaner Sturm\nPrio 2: Manawoge\nPrio 3: Schwanzfeger\n
Meerestiere sind seltsam:49MA:11171BB:ZL:1215QC:N:Das Sternchen schafft anderthalb Pets (Aufziehen, Aufladen, Aufziehen, Aufziehen...), der Drachling beginnt mit Lockvogel und tötet die Gegner mit Atem.
Mikrounterdrückungseinheit CK-9:4N9E:212620U:111B2GO:11142D2:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Flammenwerfer\nRunde 2: Flammenwerfer\nRunde 3: Feuerschild\nRunde 4: Blitzschlagschild\nRunde 5: Passe\nAktiviere Geist des Quells\nRunde 1: Peitsche\nRunde 2: Blitzeis\nRunde 3: Eisgrab\nRunde 4: Passe\nAktiviere Kichernde Flamme\nRunde 1: Feuerschild\nRunde 2: Flammenstrahlen\nRunde 3+: Brand\n
Perlenschalenkrabbler:4N92:21181TP:0126140:00171TN:N:Strategy added by Rasp\nRunde 1: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 2: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 3: Wilde Kralle\nRunde 4: Passe\nAktiviere Chrominius\nRunde 1: Heulen\nRunde 2: Kraftsog\nAktiviere Düsterschnabeljunges\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\n
Plapperröhre:4N9B:222AJJ:20281H2:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Lazey\nOne of the easier fights on Mechagon Island, even with two teamwide Poison DoT effects and Toxic Spray to increase DoT damage. But to be honest, using it before both debuffs are applied feels wasted.\n\nCreated and tested on 8.2 PTR\n\nRunde 1: Schleichender Pilz\nRunde 2: Leichenexplosion\nRunde 3: Stampede (Squirrel dies)\nAktiviere Sonnenfeuerkaliri\nPrio 1:: Raubtierschlag when Failsafe was triggered\nPrio 2:: Feuerstacheln\n
Prinz Wackelschwänzchen:4N8U:221616M:20171A7:ZR6:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nThe magic pet is on the backline, taking reduced damage from Tidal Wave X to make sure someone is alive at the end of the fight. \n\n6/25: The B/B breed does not have enough HP for this strat, and I&#039;ve put a breed restriction on. \n\nRunde 1: Schattenschock\nRunde 2: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 3: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Makabre Marionette\nRunde 1-3: Totentanz\nRunde 4+: Knochenbiss\n
Quietschklirr:4N9D:11231TB:21181FS:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Kylana#1731\nRunde 1: Klirrende Kälte\nRunde 2: Kleinhacken\nRunde 3: KNOCHENSTURM\nBoneshard Dies, Bring in Ikky\nRunde 4: Black Claw\nRunde 5: Flock\n
Rasender Messerzahn:4N98:01181TP:20151TM:ZR3:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\n8.2 PTR Strat\n\nKnifefang&#039;s Blood in the Water has a 25% Hit Chance for over 2k damage. I imagine most fights will need a restart if that hits in Round 1\n\nRunde 1+2: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 3: Raubtierschlag\nAktiviere Schneefederjunges\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 2: Wilde Kralle\n
Retinus der Sucher:4UKQ:01181FS:012821B:ZL:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nShadowbarb Hatchling:\nYou can replace the leveling pet with the Schattendornjungtier. The strategy works the same.\n\n5 round strategy that also allows to get a little bit of experience for a level pet while we&#039;re at it.\nYou can replace the 2nd pet with pretty much anything that has Verbrannte Erde and another hard hitting ability (but only Explodieren allows the level pet to gain experience).\n\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2-3: Schar. Ikky dies\nAktiviere Verderbtes Blut\nRunde 1: Verbrannte Erde\nRunde 2: Explodieren\n
Riesige Opalschnecke:4N99:222616M:10151TM:01181TP:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Schattenschock\nRunde 2: Schattenschock\nRunde 3: Passe\nRunde 4: Unheiliger Aufstieg\nRunde 5: Fluch der Verdammnis\nAktiviere Schneefederjunges\nRunde 1: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nYour Blutstarrerjunges is swapped in\nRunde 1+2: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 3: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 4: Passe\nAktiviere Schneefederjunges\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\n
Rudelführer:4AF7:11171BB:22181MO:0127AI:N:Strategy added by Threewolves\nNever have more children than you have car windows.\n\nRunde 1: Aufziehen\nRunde 2: Aufladen\nRunde 3: Aufziehen\nRunde 4+: Kraftkugel til Iron Starlette dies.\nAktiviere Knusper\nRunde 1: Nussbeschuss\nRunde 2: Ducken\nRunde 3: Nussbeschuss\nRunde 4+: Holzschnitzer til Crispin dies.\nEnter Dunkelmond-Panzer\nRunde 1: Verunsicherungstaktik - if health is above 1100(skip if lower).\nRunde 2: Ionenkanone if needed.\n
Sandkrabbler der Aqir:4UL1:022316M:02252IO:210417I:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nI don&#039;t use Haunt here because there&#039;s a chance--especially with the B/B UBV--for the Sandcrawler to kill your UBV before applying it. Does it happen every time? No. But I wanted to make something that was stable for both breeds. \n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Unheiliger Aufstieg\n\nRunde 3: Pass for UBV or Skitterling (The Aqir Sandcrawler Burrows on Round 3)\n\nZitterstachelhuscher:\nRunde 4: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 5+: Schwarm\n\nAktiviere Xu-Fu, Nachwuchs von Xuen\nRunde 1: Fressen\n
Schattenstachellauerer:4N91:01181FS:00171TN:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Ktjn\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+: Schar\nIkky dies\nRunde 4: Bring in Direbeak Hatchling\nRunde 5: Raubtierschlag\n
Schlangen auf einer Terrasse:4AJP:221814S:10041I1:212815R:N:Strategy added by Threewolves\nHave you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?\n\nRunde 1: Pass - Servant of Demidos is forced in.\nRunde 2+: Magische Klinge til Clubber dies.\nWechsle zu Knöchelreißer der Zandalari\nRunde 1: (Squirt Dives) Pass\nRunde 2: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 3: Jagdrudel\nSquirt dies. Squeezer enters.\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+: Sprung til Zandalari Anklerender dies.\nAktiviere Wadenbeißer der Zandalari\nRunde 1: Jagdrudel\nRunde 2: Sprung til done.\n
Steinerner Verteidiger der Baruk:4UL6:021616M:20171A7:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nShadowbarb Hatchling Quest\n\nReplace the third slot with the Shadowbarb Hatchling. Your Hatchling doesn&#039;t have to fight, it just has to be in the party. \n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Makabre Marionette\nRunde 1-3: Totentanz\n
Stille:4N90:21181FS:122414D:122814D:N:Strategy added by Lazey\nThis Manta Ray has two Beast attacks and an empowered Flyby X which will increase the damage your pet takes by 25% for 5 rounds (classic Flyby does for 3 rounds).\n\nI am using a Black Claw + Swarm ability pet in the first slot to buff attacks of my Dragonkin. The script includes Flock and Swarm because when these 8.2 pet battles go live, the Aquatic pet Chitterspine Skitterling will be available as a wild catch in Nazjatar and it has Black Claw and Swarm. Please do not use Hunting Party pets.\n\nThe Skitterling will take more damage from Flyby X so there&#039;s a chance it will die 1 round earlier than Flying pets and you can benefit of 2 rounds Shattered Defenses and Black Claw.\n\nCreated and tested on 8.2 PTR\n\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+: Schar / Schwarm until your pet dies. (When it does without applying Shattered Defenses, please Forfeit, Revive pets & Restart.)\n\nAktiviere Nexuswelpling\nRunde 1: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 2-3: Manawoge\nWhen your Dragon dies without killing Silence, bring in your third pet\nAny standard attack will finish the fight\n
Sumpfbewohner:4A6P:12171TN:122414D:12281LP:N:Strategy added by Gershuun#1131\nRunde 1: Eisenhaut\nRunde 2: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 3: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 4: Raubtierschlag\nAn enemy pet, Molaze comes in\nRunde 1: Pass - your Nexuswelpling gets swapped in automatically from Wind Buffet\nRunde 2: Schwanzfeger\nRunde 3: Arkaner Sturm\nRunde 4+: Manawoge\nAn enemy pet, Ticker comes in\nRunde 1+: Manawoge\n
Tangstein:4N96:11231TB:01181FS:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Lazey\nHits like a truck, massive heal, and roots pets with Mudslide, so once again... DoTs!\n\nLooks like you can use every combination of Black Claw and a swarm ability that applies Shattered Defenses (Hunting Party, Flock, Swarm). It&#039;s even possible to use these swarm abilities with Exposed Wounds instead of Black Claw. (Script is prepared for a combination of these 5 abilities)\n\nCreated and tested on 8.2 PTR\n\nRunde 1: Klirrende Kälte\nRunde 2: Kleinhacken\n(Runde 3): KNOCHENSTURM (Knochi dies)\nAktiviere Ikky\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+: Schar\n
Tormentius:4UL5:12242GK:121B2C6:212A211:N:Strategy added by Squirl\nIf you have a limited collection, you can beat every new 8.3 Pet Battle World Quest with these 3 pets:\nVerlorener Geist\nFaulfeder (S/S)\nZwielichtgelegeschwester (P/S)\n\nAll 3 pets are fairly common and tradable, so you should be able to get them cheap from your AH if you don&#039;t have them. Only the listed breeds have been tested.\n\nA strategy using these 3 pets is posted for each 8.3 WQ:\n- K&#039;tiny the Mad (\n- Tormentius (\n- Baruk Stone Defender (\n- Vil&#039;thik Hatchling (\n\n- Retinus the Seeker (\n- Whispers (\n- Aqir Sandcrawler (\n- Blotto (\n\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Geisterfeuerblitz\nYour Faulfeder gets Nethertord in\nRunde 3: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 4: Schar\nYour Faulfeder dies; swap in your Zwielichtgelegeschwester\nRunde 5: Zwielichtfeuer\nRunde 6: Zwielichtmeteorit\n
Versehentliche Schrecken:4AFM:22152N:122414D:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Jessail\nSince the XP nerf, i am just trying to wipe the enemy team as quickly as i can. The Spritedarter often soloes this fight, but has the Nexus Whelpling as backup if needed. I&#039;ve never seen them both fall.\n\n\n\nRunde 1: Mondfeuer\nRunde 2: Arkanschlag until Moonfire becomes available again\nRunde 3: Lebensaustausch when enemy #2 comes in, then repeat Moonfire/Arcane until fight is won, or Sprite Darter dies.\nRunde 4: If Nexus Whelpling is brought in, use Arkaner Sturm and then Manawoge\n
Voltschlinger:4N97:2015198:ZR0:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Goldregen\nRunde 2+: Inflation\n

__ Legion __

Algalon der Beobachter:3GJB:12171A7:112414F:1227E5:
Betörende Kugel:37VC:112B1IS:ZL:22181JT:P:200::::::
Biosphäreningenieur Bert:3PM9:22231NH:2223170:11161CI:
Bodhi Sonnenreiter:30SA:ZL:1113QD:122814D:P:700::3::::
Bredda Zarthaut:30O5:2126K8:1125QC:122414D:
Der Schlund:36H0:1215QC:1215QC:2114F9:
Die Katakomben räumen:36RB:112CAJ:21071C8:ZL:
Durian Starkfrucht:30MR:12271G7:ZL:11241D7:P:500::7::::
Fallensteller Jarrun:36VF:11141BB:ZL:222814S:P:600::4::::
Gesandte der Jagd:3718:12251NI:222568:2126K8:
Grixis Winzplopp:30QE:111AQD:2226G2:1118134:
Hungriger Eiszahn:36AE:221616M:ZL:21181FS:
Klacker, Kneifer, Kiazo::1113QD:2127D4:2226G2:
Madame Viciosa:3J5U:ZL:11168G:22175D:P:1000::::::
Meisterzähmer Flummox:2VDD:112BL7:22281JT:21151JS:
Nachtwächterin Merayl:381O:1225QC:1118A3:122814D:
Namenloser Mystiker:3J5V:1225QC:ZL:1119R4:
Robert Craig:2VUU:12141BB:112C3K:2115198:
Seher der Teufelsseele:379J:1225QC:ZL:21071C8:
Sir Galveston:30RE:22142OQ:21181JT:ZL:
Splint Jr.:36OP:2226G2:2220G2:111416A:
Tiffany Nelson:2VGC:12151BR:ZL:11181FS:P:300::::::
Verwundeter Azurschwingenwelpling:381E:2228144:ZL:2226G2:P:800::::::
Wogender Manakristall:36S8:1225QC:ZL:1225QC:P:400::::::
Zerhackt:376A:12281MO:12171TN:ZL:N:Strategy added by Sarahlinii\nCredit goes to Salty Goldfish for this great strategy! Please go check out his video and give him some much-deserved support! Find it here: &quot;Varenne 2 pet strategy, 17 rounds&quot;\n\nLeveling Pet: It will take 0 dmg; safe for ANY Level 1+ Pet\n\n\nRunde 1: Ducken\nRunde 2: Flammenwerfer\nRunde 3: Brand\nRunde 4: Brand (will trigger Gusteau's mech. failsafe)\nRunde 5: Brand (this will defeat Gusteau)\nRémy betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Flammenwerfer (Knusper will always die in the 2nd Round against Rémy, so any dmg you do is rather irrelevant)\nRunde 2: Passe\nAktiviere Düsterschnabeljunges\nRunde 1: Eisenhaut\nRunde 2: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 3: Raubtierschlag (to defeat Rémy)\nBroiler betritt den Kampf\nWechsle zu deinem Level Pet\nRunde 1: Wechsle zu Düsterschnabeljunges\nRunde 2: Eisenhaut\nRunde 3: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 4: Raubtierschlag\nNOTE 1:: After Falkosaurierschwarm!, Broiler will use Frog Kiss, there's a 25% chance to get charmed. But, the 1st Frog Kiss will be completely blocked by Eisenhaut so you'll be immune to the charm here.\nNOTE 2:: Normally you finish the fight in Round 17 with your Raubtierschlag, but the 2nd Frog Kiss from Broiler is buffed in dmg and will go through the Eisenhaut and there is a chance you'll get charmed/polymorphed.\nNOTE 2b:: If you get charmed, follow the steps below:\nRunde 1: Pass (Round 17)\nRunde 2: Raubtierschlag to defeat Broiler\n\n\n

__ Eine Sorte __

Aquatisch Frosch::112955:2126K8:1127D4:
Drachkin 2::22281LO:111414D:1214F9:
Elementar 2::2129DT:22181BK:222819N:
Humanoid 2::21233N:21141A5:21233O:
Humanoid 3::222814E:222414E:222519V:
Magisch vs Kleintier::22241T6:2129142:2225QE:
Mechanisch 2::121414Q:2115198:112C3K:
Mechanisch PvP::1225QC:1225QC:1117KQ:
Untod 2::21251I0:12151I0:22151I0:

__ Dungeons __

"Käpt'n" Klutz:3KJG:22171A7:1119DN:12171J7:
"Käpt'n" Klutz alt.::222C147:22281SB:21261IM:
"Käpt'n" Klutz alt. 2::221616M:11181FS:12231K0:
Alran Herzschatten:4SEE:1229DD:222814S:122B209:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nAdapted the strategy to the second dungeon nerf. The breeds now don&#039;t matter anymore.\n\nRunde 1: Apokalypse\nRunde 2: Wechsle zu Dreispitz\nRunde 3: Aufspüren\nRuddy betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Passe\nRunde 2: Wechsle zu Wadenbeißer der Zandalari\nRunde 3: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 4+5: Jagdrudel\nRunde 6: Blutbiss. Ruddy dies\nThere is a very small chance that your Wadenbeißer der Zandalari dies before it can use Blutbiss. In that case just finish Ruddy with Kratzen of your Dreispitz.\nFrill betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1: Wechsle zu Dreispitz\nRunde 2: Giftzahn\nRunde 3: Aufspüren\nWanderer betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1+: Pass until Dreispitz dies (Should be twice)\nAktiviere Lavakäfer\nRunde 1: Kauterisieren\nRunde 2: Pass. Apokalypse comes down. Wanderer dies\nShould your Wadenbeißer der Zandalari still be alive bring it in and use Schwarze Klaue+Jagdrudel. Otherwise procede with the following priority list:\nPrio 1: Kauterisieren below 1000 health\nPrio 2: Brand\n
Auferstandene Wache:4NK3:22231M1:222568:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Schlaghagel\nRunde 2: Ausweichen\nRunde 3-5: Stampede\nUndead: Passe\nAfter that:\nPriority 1: Ausweichen on CD\nPriority 2: Schlaghagel on Shattered Defenses\nPriority 3: Stampede as filler\n
Aufgeblähte Lepraratte:4EIL:221616M:222815R:2123F3:
Der Bucklige:4JC5:12251NI:ZR5:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Ausweichen\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5: Schlaghagel\nRunde 6: Ausweichen\nRunde 7+: Schlaghagel until Huncher dies\nIf needed:\nBring in your Critter pet\nAny standard attack will finish the fight\n
Feindschnitter 50:3KJH:1118134:11141IO:12271SC:
Fra Siabi 2::2227K1:222B1NI:2215BQ:N:Start with Rabbit (H/P)\nTurn 1: Dodge to avoid Scorched Earth\nTurn 2-4: Stampede\nTurn 5: Flurry\nTurn 6: Flurry, Smokey dies. Pyro comes in\nTurn 7-8: Stampede. My Rabbit died here\nBring in Elfin Rabbit (S/B)\nTurn 9: Dodge to avoid Elementium Bolt\nTurn 10-12: Stampede\nTurn 13: Flurry\nTurn 14: Flurry,\nTurn 15: Flurry. Pyro dies, Infectus comes in\nTurn 16: Dodge to avoid Elementium Bolt\nTurn 17-19: Stampede, Elfin Rabbit dies, Bring in Rabbit (H/S)\nTurn 20: Flurry\nTurn 21: Flurry\nTurn 22: Flurry\nTurn 23: Dodge
Fras Siabi:4NOM:221316M:11171A7:21162AI:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nA special thank you to Macstallion for his moves with a B/B UBV. I&#039;ve officially put them into the strat. :)\n\n**Note**: The whole idea for the UBV hitting with the Schattenschocks, is to get her as low on HP as possible before using Heimsuchung, because she needs to die on the first hit with the last enemy pet.\n\n**~~**: Macstallion's moves for the B/B Ungeborene Val'kyr\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Schattenschock\nRunde 3: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Makabre Marionette\nRunde 1: Tod und Verfall\nRunde 2+3: Totentanz \nPyro comes in\nRunde 1: Totentanz finishes\nRunde 2+: Makabre Maracas until Makabre Marionette or Pyro dies\nAktiviere Ungeborene Val'kyr\nRunde 1: Schattenschock to finish off Pyro\n~~: Jump down to Infectus moves from here.\n\n**~~**: H/H Ungeborene Val'kyr\nRunde 1: Schattenschock\nRunde 2: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 3: Schattenschock\nRunde 4: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Makabre Marionette\nRunde 1+2: Totentanz\nPyro comes in\nRunde 1: Totentanz continues\nRunde 2+: Makabre Maracas until Pyro dies\n\nInfectus comes in\nRunde 1: Pass from stun if Makabre Marionette is still up\nAktiviere Ungeborene Val'kyr\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nUndead: Schattenschock\nAktiviere Küstenkrabbler\nRunde 1-3: Stampede\nRunde 4: Blase\nRunde 5+: Frost spucken until Infectus dies\n
Glut:4TRU:212BL7:1123DL:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRunde 1: Kauen\nRunde 2+: Stampede bis Gipfelzicklein stirbt\nAktiviere Kleiner schwarzer Widder\nRunde 1+: Huf until Char dies\nUndead: Passe\n
Gruftbestie:4JBV:2123DL:21236H:221568:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Kauen\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5+: Heimzahlen bis Kleiner schwarzer Widder stirbt\nAktiviere Lamm aus Elwynn\nRunde 1: Kauen\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5+: Heimzahlen bis Lamm aus Elwynn stirbt\nAktiviere Elfisches Kaninchen\nPriority 1: Ausweichen\nPriority 2: Schlaghagel as filler\nPriority 3: Eingraben when/if you want\n
Horu Wolkenschauer:4SEH:10171A7:20292L:0127AI:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nBe careful when using alternatives in slot #2. The Bombling works well here because of his HP, both for taking more hits and the % on Explode. \n\nRunde 1-3: Totentanz\nRunde 4+5: Makabre Maracas\nBeta comes in\nRunde 1+: Totentanz until dead\nAktiviere Winzige wandelnde Bombe\nRunde 1: Verbeulen\nRunde 2: Verbeulen\nAlpha comes in\nRunde 1: Verbeulen\nRunde 2: Verbeulen\nRunde 3: Explodieren\nAktiviere Dunkelmond-Panzer\nRunde 1: Ionenkanone\n
Keimende ewiglebende Spore:3I1R:112C14N:11191I3:121C1MS:
Klutz' Kampfaffe:3KHH:112C3K:212815R:12191ND:
Klutz' Kampfratte:3KHF:2226G2:2124199:12141N6:
Klutz' Kampfvogel:3KHG:122814D:121C1MS:2125FN:
Krümels Essensreste:3KJF:1225QC:21071C8:1225QC:
Lebendiger Permafrost:4EO5:2115N7:212CFF:11233L:
Lebendiger Schlick:4EO6:211691:111340:2126K8:
Lebendiges Napalm:4EO7:2117FD:212C21:22151DB:
Liz:4TRI:11031TB:102C1K:012716B:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nThe opponent&#039;s pets are random in this phase. This team will work no matter which enemy pet comes in. \n\nRampage (\n\nRalf (\n\nPriority 1: Klirrende Kälte on CD\nPriority 2: Kleinhacken as filler\nAktiviere Anconahuhn\nPriority 1: Schar for Shattered Defenses\nPriority 2: Picken\nAktiviere Menageriewächter\nRunde 1: Verunsicherungstaktik\nRunde 2: Ionenkanone\n
Liz die Peinigerin:4JCD:212815R:221814S:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRotation for both Zandalari:\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+3: Jagdrudel\nRunde 4+: Sprung until dead\n
Ninn Jah:4TRP:221B2C6:00241LK:ZR3:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2-4: Schar\nRunde 5+: Picken bis Faulfeder stirbt\nAktiviere Wächtereulenküken\nRunde 1: Raubtierschlag\n
Pechvogel der Defias:3KHI:212BD3:212C1K:11281VQ:
Pixy Wirbel:4SED:121A2BK:ZR7:ZR7:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nThe more health your elementals have the better (it&#039;s not a strict requirement). \n\n\nFollow this priority list:\nPrio 1: Schwäche\nPrio 2: Blut abzapfen\nPrio 3: Chaosstrahl\n
Postmeister Malown:4NOL:2223C7:21231T0:ZR5:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nThis fight isn&#039;t terribly difficult. He has an Undead &gt; Magic &gt; Undead. You&#039;ll want something faster with a dodge to avoid Curse of Doom when it&#039;s up, but beyond that you should be okay to have:\n\n*Critter/Aquatic (with critter damage) \n*Non-Dragonkin with Dragonkin attacks, preferably a Beast\n*Critter/Aquatic (with critter damage). \n\nHere are the links for screenshots on where I found the letter: link ( and link (\n\nRunde 1: Ausweichen\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5+6: Schlaghagel (2 hits)\nUndead: Ausweichen\nPlagued Mailemental comes in \nRunde 1+: Stampede bis Bergbaumwollschwänzchen stirbt\nAktiviere Ätzmaul\nRunde 1+: Flammenatem until Plagued Mailemental dies\nSoul Collector comes in\nRunde 1: Glühendes Toxin\nRunde 2+3: Eingraben\nRunde 4+5: Flammenatem (2 hits)\nRunde 6: Glühendes Toxin\nRunde 7: Flammenatem\nRunde 8+9: Eingraben\nRunde 10+: Flammenatem until Soul Collector dies\n\nIf needed:\nBring in your Critter pet\nAny standard attack will finish the fight\n
Prototyp des Nerv-o-Trons:4EIH:1118134:11155F:1118134:
Pulverisierbot Mk 6001:4EI4:2115198:11142FH:112620U:
Ralf:4TRJ:11031TB:102C1K:012716B:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nThe opponent&#039;s pets are random in this phase. This team will work no matter which enemy pet comes in. \n\nLiz (\n\nRampage (\n\nPriority 1: Klirrende Kälte on CD\nPriority 2: Kleinhacken as filler\nAktiviere Anconahuhn\nPriority 1: Schar for Shattered Defenses\nPriority 2: Picken \nAktiviere Menageriewächter\nRunde 1: Ionenkanone\n
Randale:4TRH:11031TB:102C1K:012716B:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nThe opponent&#039;s pets are random in this phase. This team will work no matter which enemy pet comes in. \n\nLiz (\n\nRalf (\n\nPriority 1: All pets: Pass on Stun\n\nBoneshard\nPriority 1: Klirrende Kälte on CD\nPriority 2: Kleinhacken as filler\nAktiviere Anconahuhn\nPriority 1: Schar for Shattered Defenses\nPriority 2: Picken \nAktiviere Menageriewächter\nRunde 1: Verunsicherungstaktik\nRunde 2: Ionenkanone\n
Ruchloser Terry:4JCH:12152AL:11082AH:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Strudel\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5+6: Kratzen\nAfter that:\n~~: Kratzen on Shattered Defenses\n~~: Stampede as filler\nIf needed\nAktiviere Einsiedlerkrabbe\nRunde 1: Schlammlawine\nRunde 2+: Kratzen\n
Schlickspucker:4JCA:2229DR:2227DP:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nThe third pet&#039;s HP will depend on your Alpine Hare. Mine has 1546 HP, hence the number. If you have the S/S breed of Alpine Hare, slot #3 needs to be more than 1400 HP. \n\nRunde 1: Ausweichen\nRunde 2-4: Stampede\nRunde 5: Schlaghagel for Shattered Defenses\nYour Berghase is swapped in\nPriority 1: Schlaghagel for Shattered Defenses\nPriority 2: Ausweichen on CD\nPriority 3: Stampede as filler\n
Schredder:4TRQ:02242GK:12151TM:11042D2:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nRunde 1: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 2: Verblassen\nYour Schneefederjunges is brought in\nRunde 1: Ducken\nRunde 2+3: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 4: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 5+: Falkosaurierschwarm! until dead\nAktiviere Kichernde Flamme\nRunde 1+: Brand until Shred's Mech round\nMech: Flammenstrahlen\n
Schwarzmähne:4JAA:12171TN:11141TO:2115198:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nRunde 1: Eisenhaut\nRunde 2+3: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nRunde 4: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 5: Passe\nRunde 6: Eisenhaut\nRunde 7-10: Falkosaurierschwarm! \nRunde 11: Eisenhaut\nRunde 12: Raubtierschlag\nRunde 13+: Falkosaurierschwarm!\nIf needed:\nAktiviere Scharfkrallenjunges\nPriority 1: Raubtierschlag on Shattered Defenses\nPriority 2: Wilde Winde on Shattered Defenses\nPriority 3: Falkosaurierschwarm! as filler\n
Sohn des Skum:3I1L:11135V:1127AI:111AQD:
Splint:4TRO:021316M:220AJJ:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nYou can use pretty much any pet with Stampede-like abilities instead of the Infiziertes Eichhörnchen.\n\nRunde 1: Passe\nRunde 2: Fluch der Verdammnis\nRunde 3: Heimsuchung\nAktiviere Infiziertes Eichhörnchen\nRunde 1: Schleichender Pilz\nRunde 2-3: Stampede\n
Spuckling:4JCB:011A219:2205BQ:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nMy Infernal Pyreclaw is an H/B breed and solo&#039;d this. Other breeds may vary, hence the Rabbit to come in and clean up what the Pyreclaw doesn&#039;t kill. \n\nPriorty 1: Großer Stich on CD\nPriority 2: Spalten all else\nAktiviere Kaninchen\nPriority 1: Ausweichen as needed, or to avoid damage on the Undead Rounds\nPriority 2: Schlaghagel to finish off enemy pets\n
Tasha Riley:4SEI:02252IO:2215198:02272KT:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2-4: Schwarm\nRunde 4/5: Pass during the undead round (Depending on the breed you are using this happens either in the 4th or 5th round.)\nFury comes in\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue (Your Zitterstachelhuscher might be dead already depending on the breed or bad luck. That's not a problem, just go on.)\nAktiviere Klein Bling\nAgainst Fury follow this priority list:\nPrio 1: Zusätzlicher Beschlag\nPrio 2: Goldregen\nPrio 3: Inflation\nGlitzy betritt den Kampf\nRunde 1+: Inflation bis Klein Bling stirbt\nAktiviere Mikrobot XD\nRunde 1: Aufladen\nRunde 2: Ionenkanone\n
Tempton:4TRV:21171B8:ZR0:ZR0:N:Strategy added by Shenk\nRunde 1-3: Stampede\nRunde 4: Kopfstoß\nRunde 5: Biss\n
Therin Himmelssang:4SEF:122A2GU:212C93:2223EV:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nBlizzard pushed changes to this fight on Tuesday, 21 January. I&#039;ve updated the steps &amp; script to reflect the changes. \n\nRunde 1: Störung\nRunde 2+3: Anheizen\nRunde 4: Lebensaustausch\nRunde 5+: Anheizen until dead\n\nAktiviere Singende Sonnenblume\n\n**~~**: If Logic is in its Mechanical state & HP is LESS THAN 155, use Photosynthese and then proceed to Turn 1\n\nRunde 1: Sonnenlicht\nRunde 2: Photosynthese\nRunde 3: Solarstrahl\n\n~~**~~: If Logic isn't dead: Photosynthese > Sonnenlicht > Photosynthese > Solarstrahl\n\nMath comes in\nRunde 1: Recovering\nRunde 2: Passe\nYour Elfisches Kaninchen is brought in\nRunde 1: Ausweichen\nRunde 2+: Stampede until Singende Sonnenblume is brought in\nYour Singende Sonnenblume is brought in\nRunde 1: Sonnenlicht\nRunde 2: Solarstrahl
Tommy der Grausame:4JC6:111C19Q:101B2AO:ZR0:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nAnother good alternative is using the Silithid Mini-Tank (2,1,1) \n\nExposed Wounds &gt; Swarm &gt; Scratch +\n\nstandby [enemy.aura(Undead:242).exists]\nability(Exposed Wounds:305) [round=1]\nability(Swarm:706)\nability(#1)\nchange(next)\n\nRunde 1-3: Schwarm\nRunde 4: Schlammlawine\nRunde 5: Wasserjet\nAfter that:\nPriority 1: Schlammlawine & Wasserjet on Shattered Defenses\nPriority 2: Schwarm as filler\nIf needed:\nAktiviere Junger Sandsieber\nRunde 1: Regentanz\nRunde 2+: Kratzen\n
Verseuchte Kleintiere:4NG9:11231KN:2226G2:2224G2:N:Strategy added by DragonAfterDark\nIf the backline pets don&#039;t die before the active pet, you will face all the enemy pets. \n\nRunde 1: Flutwelle\nRunde 2: Flutwelle\nRunde 3: Regentanz\nAfter that:\nPriority 1: Regentanz on CD\nPriority 2: Flutwelle as filler\nPriority 3: Once the backline enemies are dead Regentanz & Wasserjet to kill enemy #1\n
Wachroboschreiter von Gnomeregan:4EIK:221A1G8:2224G2:222721C:
Wachsendes Ektoplasma:3I1Q:1225QC:111A14F:122414D:
Wachsendes Ektoplasma 2::1225QC:121764:1117A0:
Wachtiger von Gnomeregan:4EIJ:122A52:11141T3:12171H1:
Wachwolf von Gnomeregan:4EII:1119G7:1118134:212CNG:
Wanderndes Trugbild:4JC2:11261D2:12261RF:1214F9:N:Strategy added by Threewolves\nRunde 1: Huf\nRunde 2: Magie aufzehren\nRunde 3+: Huf til enemy #2 enters.\nRunde 4: Heimsuchung\n\nBring in Wusch if enemy #2 is Undead or Dragonkin:\nBring in Brut von Onyxia if enemy #2 is Magic:\n\nWenn Zoom:: Keep Panzerschild active. Keep Ganz ruhig on Cooldown. Otherwise, Anstürmen til dead or done.\nWenn Onyxia:: Keep Abheben and Verbrannte Erde on Cooldown. Otherwise, Atem til dead or done.\n
Wilbur:4TRT:222815R:222814S:ZRA:N:Strategy added by DragonsAfterDark\nAn Anklerender in slot #1 that&#039;s slower than Wilbur (324) will usually end the fight one round sooner overall. \n\nRunde 1: Schwarze Klaue\nRunde 2+3: Jagdrudel\nRunde 4: Urschrei\nRunde 5: Schwarze Klaue\nAktiviere Wadenbeißer der Zandalari\nRunde 1+2: Jagdrudel\nRunde 3: Blutbiss\n
Wütende Geode:3KHE:11171E6:11107R:2125NK:
Zuna Schädelknacker:4SEG:122816L:22152AL:122A2BD:N:Strategy added by Setione\nWith the nerf to this fight other breeds of Skimmer may now be more reliable.\n\nRunde 1: Geysir\nRunde 2: Aktiviere Flüchtiger Gleiter\nRunde 3: Strudel\nRunde 4-6: Stampede\nRunde 7: Wasserjet * repeat if fozling not dead\nCrushface comes back in\nRunde 1+: Stampede bis Flüchtiger Gleiter stirbt\nAktiviere Gahz'rooki\nRunde 1: Komplett verschluckt\nRunde 2: Komplett verschluckt\nTremors comes in\nRunde 1: Geysir\nRunde 2: Biss bis Gahz'rooki stirbt\nAktiviere Knöchelschnapper der Zandalari\nRunde 1: Aura von Gonk\nRunde 2: Jagdrudel\nRunde 3: Klaue\nRunde 4: Klaue\nRunde 5: Klaue\n

__ Turnier der Erhaben __

Blingtron 4000:267T:1109R4:2124Q6:11161CI:
Chen Sturmbräu:267N:2224G2:212813T:11161CI:
Chi-Chi, Küken von Chi-Ji:26IT:1029R4:2126140:112C3K:
Der weise Mari:267S:22138V:2115198:11161CI:
Dr. Ion Goldbluhm:267U:21241GR:1227AI:11161CI:
Lehrensucher Cho:267M:2113H3:2118GQ:11161CI:
Schattenmeisterin Kiryn:267Q:121616M:11233L:11161CI:
Sully "Die Gurke" McLeary:267P:122C14U:2118MS:11161CI:
Taran Zhu:267R:2225DC:1216G2:11161CI:
Xu-Fu, Nachwuchs von Xuen:26A9:2124P2:221514S:2115198:
Yu'la, Junges von Yu'lon:26J3:1109R4:2126140:112C3K:
Zao, Kalb von Niuzao:26J2:2124P2:112515S:2115198:

__ Andere Meisterzähmer __

Aki die Auserwählte:215L:1216143:ZL:1113QD:
Ashlei alt::1225QC:ZL:2115198:
Bebender Pandarengeist:22RH:2117FD:12157U:ZL:
Beegli Lunte:212B:ZL:222A14F:1113QD:
Blingtron, Protektron:2JK0:11151DB:121314R:221312T:
Blutritter Antari:20VT:ZL:1125QC:2117FD:
Bordin Ruhigfaust:217V:ZL:2117FD:2226G2:
Brennender Pandarengeist:22RF:1216143:ZL:2117FD:
Brutus, Rukus:2JJM:2124P2:2115198:112C3K:
Bäuerin Nishi:215E:1228BV:ZL:112C3K:
Christoph von Fiesl:2JGF:2128GQ:12141BB:112C3K:
Cymre Leuchtklinge:2HRT:ZL:11181H0:1118149:P:420::::::
Der Tukanator:2JKR:122814D:2117A0:12251GR:
Diebs, Tyrim Puzzle:2DAB:21151GR:22251FJ:ZL:
Dr. Maböse, Rübezählchen, Sloppus:2JGD:211C138:2217FD:2114F9:
Enbi'see, Mal, Klapper:2P72:ZL:2226140:212CLU:
Fast kopfloser Jakob:212C:2127D4:ZL:212955:
Fließender Pandarengeist:22RE:1113QD:ZL:2129142:
Flüsternder Pandarengeist:22RG:ZL:222A14F:2117FD:
Goz Unheilsfuror:2186:ZL:2117FD:1225QC:
Gromli, Kromli:2JJP:22161D2:221616M:1217E8:
Hyuna von den Schreinen:215A:ZL:2114F9:1125QC:
Jahan, Samm, Archimedes:2JJR:2226140:2117A0:122814D:
Jeremy Feasel:21PA:1225QC:1118134:112C3K:
Karottus maximus:2N19:122CHM:11131KN:2129142:
Knospi, Märchenprinz, Schlaffi:2P73:ZL:221816L:112C3K:P:580::::::
Königin der Blüten, König der Blüten:2JJO:21239K:121819L:2129142:
Major Payne:213J:ZL:2215198:1029R4:
Manos, Hanos, Fatos:2JK2:1225QC:1225QC:2114F9:
Mond, Klappe, Carl:2P71:ZL:1113QD:112C3K:
Mutiger Yon:215I:ZL:222A14F:112C3K:
Nicodemus, Brisby, Jenner:2P74:2226G2:ZL:2225G2:
Okrut Drachenwüste:212E:ZL:1216143:2127D4:
Quintessenz des Lichts:2JKI:122814D:122414D:2117A0:
Sporro, Staubi, Salat:2OSI:ZL:2226140:2124199:P:400::::::
Steinbeißer, Steinschlinger, Giftzahn:2JJU:12231TB:21239K:211C5U:
Sucher Zusshi:21B6:2117FD:ZL:2224G2:
Tarr der Schreckliche:2L26:221616M:ZL:21288A:
Tirs, Feuro:2JJT:2129142:2129142:121319L:
Würmchen, Murksi, Pieks:2JJQ:2224G2:112C3K:122814D:
Ödniswandler Shu:215J:1216143:ZL:112C3K:
Übles Blut von Draenor:2SDM:222514S:112823:222A14F:

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